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Protecting natural spaces will include both doing a better job of protecting the spaces we have already committed to protecting as well as committing to protecting more important spaces.

Current Spaces

There are also things that you can personally do to help natural spaces
Current spaces need greater oversight and enforcement of policies to ensure that the spaces are being protected to the degree they are supposed to be. Existing parks need to learn to deal with the issue of protecting animals that reside in the park, but occasionally leave its borders, most likely by improving connections between protected spaces and through publicity campaigns with locals who live near the protected spaces. Possibly even greater a need is for all existing protected spaces to begin having plans to deal with changing climate conditions over the next century. Existing protected spaces need to not only be looking at current states, but what they will look like 100 years from now.
Parks need to figure out how to deal with animals that they are trying to protect that have larger natural ranges than the park borders.Credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Spaces

Research into identifying vulnerable plants and animals and critical habitats will be essential for deciding which areas will need to be focussed on. There will also need to be additional work into creating new spaces that connect with existing spaces and that fill a need that will soon be needed by the occupants of existing protected spaces. Another area of necessary focus will be adding more Managed Resource Reserves that allow some harvesting of natural resources without causing major damage to the native living things.

There are also things that you can personally do to help natural spaces. Among the things you can do is support the creation of good new protected spaces, work to minimize the harm done to animals that leave protected areas, and even look into conservation easements if you or someone you know owns a reasonably large amount of land. You can click over to the My Part section for more things you can do.
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