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Welcome to SixLinks!

SixLinks was founded by two people, with the belief that we could take on the planet's biggest environmental issues, one person at a time. The site does two big things:

SixLinks in Sixty Seconds

Video for SixLinks in Sixty Seconds. You'll need flash to see it!

About Us
We're two guys living in the Portland, OR - one from the East coast, the other from the West who are just crazy enough to think we can make a difference. SixLinks isn't sponsored by any companies, agendas, or organizations. It's free to use. Our goal in making the site was simple: give people the facts, and help them do good things. Welcome, and have fun!

Construction Warning
The site's very much in transition, and things are changing quickly. Wear a hard hat. Expect to see the Tomo pages. And rest assured that we're working hard to fix the errors you see!


Don't tell anyone, but we're also a social networking site. You know, like Facebook or Twitter, but with, well, a purpose. :)
Tomo Says:Did you know that improvements and suggestions to SixLinks are voted on by people like you? Check it out!