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Steven Skoczen
11,825 points
Joined SixLinks Nov. 28, 2008
From Portland, Oregon, United States

About Me

I started SixLinks. Then Jeff and I started changing the world.

If I may quote the official SixLinks About SixLinks :

"I'm from all over the Southwest and Western United States. I might have a coffee problem, and during development, I'd occasionally break into random songs from my childhood. Nobody's really sure what that was about yet.

I started college at the University of Arizona, then dropped out and started a couple companies. I ended up in Peru programming the international ethnobotany database, then decided to focus on getting society to live more sustainably. So, I finished up school as an environmental engineer at Cornell, and started SixLinks with Jeff shortly thereafter.

I do most of the programming and design on the site, so if it's broken, there's an 85% chance it's my fault, and a 99% chance I'll be the one fixing it. I also can't draw to save my life, but Jeff lets me churn out cute icons anyway. (This is likely because his drawing skills are even worse). I'm also Tomo's very lucky parent."

I've also started Quantum Imagery and Fluidtask.

My Part


Alpha Tester

Guides I've Written

Points for:

50 Use reusable shopping bags 500 Drive Less 375 Get groceries without making any CO2 1100 Get to school or work without creating CO2 250 Have a high MPG car 1500 Get 100% of your electricity from clean sources 500 Get 50% of your electricity from clean sources 1800 Go vegetarian 1400 Eat less (and better) meat 350 Install a Low-flow showerhead 150 Have a low-flow toilet 250 Put all loads on power strips 250 Have a car-free day once a week 200 Reduce to 1 bag of trash per week 500 Reduce your electric bill by 20% 1000 Charging Station in my community 100 Better Light Bulbs 250 Learn what climate change is 100 Figure out where your water comes from 200 Compost all your organic scraps 500 Support a micro-loan 500 Adjust my thermostat

Draft Guides

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