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Joined SixLinks Dec. 27, 2008
From Portland, Oregon, United States

About Us

We're the guys behind SixLinks.

On the team blog, you can read about the process of building SixLinks. In the discussions, you can give us feedback on the site, and see what other users have suggested.

From code to content, we'll detail the snags we hit, inspired fixes from our users, and our journey along the way.

We're doing it to create an amazing site used by millions of people across the world to understand, act together and turn small changes into something big.

We expect to change the world.


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Guides We've Written

Adjust my thermostat Visit a local zoo, aquarium, or conservation center Install a Low-flow showerhead Drive Less Get groceries without making any CO2 Have a smart meter Charging Station in my community Reduce your electric bill by 20% Follow an endangered species Reduce water usage 20% Figure out where your water comes from Break out the caulking gun Learn what climate change is Have a high MPG car Have a plug-in hybrid or electric car (or no car) Get 50% of your electricity from clean sources Get 100% of your electricity from clean sources Have a smart-grid based utility My State has a carbon tax or cap My Country has a carbon tax or cap Eat less (and better) meat Have a car-free day once a week Drive Better Get to school or work without creating CO2 Solar hot water Reduce to 1 bag of trash per week Use reusable shopping bags Better Light Bulbs Compost all your organic scraps Have a real-time energy monitor you can see Super-Insulate your home Upgrade your windows and doors Eat something weird Capture rainwater at home Donate to a clean water project Donate to a seed bank Support a micro-loan Invest in a microfinance institution Visit a new state/province park Donate to a wildlife project Your State/Province has more protected areas than last year Put all loads on power strips Energy Star / High-Efficiency Appliances A comfortable home without CO2 Manage the invasive species in your yard Have a low-flow toilet Tour de SixLinks Plant an heirloom plant Visit a new national park Recycle everything you can Go vegetarian

Draft Guides

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