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Where we need to be

We need to continue protecting more spaces and begin taking better care of those we have protected. It is important to point out that we have done a good job overall of protecting spaces. 12% of the Earth is a great amount of protected spaces, now we just have to be sure that they are actually being protected, make them work to their fullest extent, and ensure that we are focussing on protecting important and not just large, beautiful areas. Yellowstone is a wonderful park to be protecting, but it is important to make sure that that wetland area that is just as, if not more important from a healthy nature standpoint is being protected as well. We need to make sure that all major types of habitats are protected and that those inhabited by particularly key species are being especially well cared for.

We need to make sure that all major types of habitats are protected
We need to treat more spaces like Managed Resource Reserves, sustainably harvesting natural resources with as little damage to the living things in the area as possible. Not only will this help the wildlife in those spaces, but it will ensure that we have these natural resources well into the future. Treating spaces like this will also make sure that there is an economic incentive to keep those spaces as they are without damaging native flora and fauna.

There also needs to be an especially strong focus on dealing with issues of connections between these spaces and figuring out what to do about climate change issues, whether that's building connections for animals to move through, changing borders of the parks, or some other solution. This is likely to be the biggest threat facing our protected spaces in the next century. It is going to be important to better staff these parks and better enforce regulations, but we must be sure that protecting a space does in fact accomplish the goal of protecting the living things within its borders.
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