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Reindeer herds in global decline
Thursday, June 11 2009
Climate change, logging, oil and gas prospecting, and other industrial activities are being blamed for the decrease in most reindeer populations around the world. A new study has found that populations all over the world were decreasing, with some being harmed by warming arctic temperatures and others by habitat destruction.
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Rainforest is worth more standing
Friday, June 05 2009
A new analysis has found that Indonesian rainforest could be worth more left standing under a proposed scheme called Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (Redd). This would make the trees more valuable standing than destroyed and replanted with palm oil plantations. These palm oil plantations have been contributing to climate change and also damaging the local ecosystem and endangering animals such as orangutans.
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Deforestation 'faster in Africa'
Tuesday, May 26 2009
Africa's forests are disappearing faster than those in other areas of the world due to a lack of land ownership.
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Yosemite's giant trees disappear
Friday, May 22 2009
Yosemite National Park is seeing a decrease in the average size of their largest trees (as a result of larger trees dying), likely as a result of climate change. The dying off of large trees is concerning because it is occurring in one of the world's most protected parks.
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Habitat loss hitting shellfish
Thursday, May 21 2009
The Natrue Conservancy published reports of its study showing that many reefs all around the world are now functionally extinct due to fishing practices and coastal developments. This is having a hugely negative effect on shellfish populations and damaging entire sensitive ecosystems. As a specific example, it points out that 85% of the world's ocean reefs have already been lost.
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Afghans get first national park
Wednesday, April 22 2009
Band-e-Amir has been declared Afghanistan's first national park.
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