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Afghans issue first wildlife list
Tuesday, June 09 2009
Afghanistan has published its first list of threatened wildlife that can no longer be hunted or harvested. The list currently includes 20 mammals, 7 birds, and 4 plants, although they hope to expand the list to as many as 70 species by the end of the year.
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Dolphin and whale climate fears
Monday, June 01 2009
A new report found that 88% of the habitat for cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises and whales) is expected to increase in temperature as a result of climate change. This is a problem because they are temperature sensitive and also only able to go so deep to find cooler temperatures.
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Habitat loss hitting shellfish
Thursday, May 21 2009
The Natrue Conservancy published reports of its study showing that many reefs all around the world are now functionally extinct due to fishing practices and coastal developments. This is having a hugely negative effect on shellfish populations and damaging entire sensitive ecosystems. As a specific example, it points out that 85% of the world's ocean reefs have already been lost.
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Ladybug, ladybug, don't fly away home
Sunday, April 26 2009
Cornell University is recruiting citizen scientists all over the country to report on different ladybugs that they see and in what quantities to try to track the movements of lady bug populations that appear to be inexplicably moving or disappearing.
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UK Groups Taking Advantage of Citizen Scientists
Thursday, April 02 2009
A number of groups in the UK are asking average citizens to take stock of the reptiles and amphibians found in their gardens and report back. Many are relying on citizen scientists, as those who volunteer to report this information are called, to get a better idea of the state of reptile and amphibian populations across the region.
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