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We need to do more to slow the rate of extinctions we are causing. We are not saying that we need to stop having any impact on the world around us, but creating conditions where the extinction rate is 1000 times higher than it should be is a bit much. Animals are supposed to go extinct over time, it is a part of a natural process of evolution, but what we are doing is messing with a very delicate natural balance in extreme ways and at way too fast a rate. We need to have closer to our fair share of a role in natural systems.

We need to do whatever we can to lower the extinction rate
We need to make the world hospitable for animals such as this Green Leopard Frog again.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
We need to work to protect more natural spaces overall and more different types of natural spaces as well, especially those containing threatened species. We also need to work to make sure that there are appropriate corridors between protected spaces for animals to move freely between different protected areas. We need to limit our behaviors that cause animals to become endangered, including habitat destruction, pollution, illegal wildlife trade, mass hunting of threatened animals, and Climate Change.

We also need to work to acquire more information about animals around the world, what their status is, and what we can do to lower our impact on their well-being and allow them to continue to do their part in the natural ecosystems that end up benefitting us. We also need greater cooperation between ecologists and developers and engineers, especially when working on environmentally friendly projects.

Overall, we need to do whatever we can to lower the extinction rate. This will involve learning more about the state of nature, limiting the harm we do to animal species, directly and indirectly, and trying to repair as much of the damage that we do cause as possible. We need to see the true value that animals have and act accordingly.
TIME Magazine - The New Age of Extinction
Article on the dangers and problems associated with the current extinction rate. Published in the April 13, 2009 print edition.
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