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Steven Skoczen

An Open Letter on the State of SixLinks

Steven Skoczen wrote this Aug. 18, 2009 for SixLinks Developers .
Hi SixLinksers,

Over the past year, we built, tested, and launched SixLinks to change the world for the better. Our hope was also that over time, it would become a full-time job for Jeff and I, so we could continue our work on it, even as student loans and such came barreling in.

In the past three months, we've seen that SixLinks is in fact pretty good at helping people change things in their own life, but that it's not going to pay Jeff and my bills anytime soon. As a result, we're transitioning from working on SixLinks full-time down to part-time.

This means a few things:

  • Sustainability Showdowns are going to cut back from weekly to less than weekly. We're still evaluating the best schedule, and are open to your thoughts on what you'd like to see.

  • Emails are cutting back to biweekly. Without the weekly showdown or challenge, it seemed to make more sense to drop people an email every two weeks. This change will start after this week's email.

  • We're reducing our server infrastructure. Currently, SixLinks is load-balanced across multiple servers, with globally hosted media scaled across the planet. Serious stuff. To trim costs, we'll be cutting that back. This one you shouldn't really see any difference on, since none of our servers were anywhere near capacity.

  • Premium members have been emailed separately, but the gist of premium membership is that if you'd still like to support the site, we'd love to have your help. We'll still have costs for running the site, and if you find it useful and want to help defray some of those, all the better. If you'd rather take that money and give it to kiva, we dig that too.

  • The site's not going anywhere. SixLinks is still running, and will continue to grow, add new features, and improve. We'll be a bit slower responding to bugs and building out new features and content, but it'll still happen. We're in this for the long haul.

We appreciate everyone's support for the site so far, and hope you continue to enjoy it, use it, and have fun with the new stuff that's in the works!

Steven & Jeff
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Susan Gunther Sept. 22, 2009
Very glad to read your last bullet. It is a worthy enterprise. Am glad you can sustain it.
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