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Where we need to be

We need to be able to get around, get to work, run errands, visit friends, produce food, and ship products with as little emissions as possible. We will need to live in a future where there is smarter development, a renewed emphasis on using public transit, biking, and walking to get around. For those trips that require driving, they will need to be taken care of in more intelligent ways that reduce the number of trips, the distance traveled, and that improve the efficiency of the driving.

There are a number of ways to reduce the impact we have as we get around
People are going to need to find ways to get around that avoid putting a lot of CO2 into the air.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Ultimately, most transportation that relies on vehicles will need to be low or no emissions as well. This can be accomplished by focusing on electricity for automobiles and most light trucks and biodiesel for the rest of the light trucks and all heavy trucks. Some biodiesel can even be used in aircraft. Replacing gasoline and diesel with electricity and biodiesel could mean replacing up to 86% of our transportation energy with cleaner alternatives. Combine this with an effort to reduce our overall usage and we can hopefully see the contribution of transportation to climate change greatly decrease and end up with healthier lifestyles and cleaner air as a byproduct.

The single biggest thing that needs to be done is that we need to live in a world where everyone thinks about the impact they are having every time they get into a car. There are a number of ways to reduce the impact we have as we get around, but the biggest one is making it a part of your everyday thought process.
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