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We need to be able to get to work, get groceries, visit friends, plow fields, and ship products across the country. Right now, nearly all of the energy we use to do this comes from fossil fuels, which produce CO2, but it doesn't have to be this way. There are a lot of ways we can reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn to get around.

We can reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn to get around
There are a lot of different ways to get around. You can walk, bike, drive, or take public transit. This section covers all the different ways to get around more sustainably.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
There are ways of doing all the things we need to without producing all of the CO2 we currently do. Rather than burning oil products every time we go somewhere, we could be walking, biking, driving electric cars, or burning diesel fuel from organic materials. We could also use our gasoline burning vehicles more efficiently by building and buying better vehicles and driving them more efficiently.

The best thing is to do as many of these activities as possible without emitting any fossil fuels, whether by biking, walking, or using only electricity from clean energy sources. The next best thing would be to use electricity from dirty energy sources. We recognize that not everyone can do these things immediately though (we don't have money for electric cars, either) and that there are some things that need heavy duty vehicles that won't run on electricity. That's why we include information on driving smarter, using public transportation, using your vehicle less and looking to use more efficient vehicles. We also include a section on biodiesel for those few heavy duty vehicles that are not reasonably going to run on electricity anytime soon.
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