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How we get there

One important thing to remember about how we get to a low emissions transportation sector is that we've been there before. The early days of the car did not rely on fossil fuels for the most part. You can check out more about the history of transportation in the Where We've Been section. The most important part of getting to low or no carbon transportation is being aware of just how much you drive your vehicle and what the impact of driving that vehicle is. We are not telling everyone to shred their licenses or go buy a Prius today, but there is something everyone can do to get to where we need to be, which is driving less, driving smarter, and driving low impact vehicles. Check out the My Part section to see what you personally can be doing.

The ideal vehicles to be driving are likely going to be Electric Cars
As a whole, the first thing that needs to happen is that we need to Drive Less. This means walking and biking when possible and also taking advantage of public transit, car pools, and car share programs. It can also mean making better decisions about when you decide to hop in the car to go somewhere. It means making efficient trips all at once as opposed to driving to the store every time you think about something you need. This is where you need to think about if you need to get in your before you do.

Bicycle parking outside a train station in England. The only way we are going to reduce our emissions from transportation is by making individual decisions to find better ways to get around.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Once we are driving as little as we can be, we must look at how and what we are driving. There are ways to drive your vehicle that are more efficient than others, you can learn more about this on the My Part section. We need to be driving the most efficient vehicles we can be. If you don't absolutely need a big truck, think about getting a vehicle with higher mileage, or a hybrid, or even (once they're available) a plug-in hybrid. If you already have an efficient vehicle, then you really should be looking at cars that run on some electricity. Take a hard look at how much money you can save and think about the impact your vehicle has on your own personal emissions. The Save Money section has a bunch of information on figuring out the economics of these sorts of decisions. If you absolutely must have a big truck, think about using Biodiesel to limit the impact your truck has on the environment.

The ideal vehicles to be driving are likely going to be Electric Cars, which we will get to by adopting plug-in hybrids. In order to make this a successful transition, we will need to support electric vehicle technology, research Better Batteries, and implement portable Charging Stations that allow us to refill our batteries much like we currently refill a gas tank. Through these technologies and changes in behavior, we can get to Where We Need To Be, with low or no emissions from the vast majority of our transportation. This is something that only you can change and an impact that is yours alone.
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