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About the site:

SixLinks explained in 60 seconds.

Video for SixLinks in Sixty Seconds. You'll need flash to see it!

Our Mission

We're here to support and grow a community of people making a real impact on the world. Our job is to give you the information you need to be informed, and make it as easy as possible for you to do things.

About Us

SixLinks (at the moment) is Steven Skoczen and Jeff Gunther. Plus Tomo, Steve's dog. He's a critical part of the equation.

Steven Skoczen

Steven's from all over the Southwest and Western United States. He might have a coffee problem, and during development, he would occasionally break into random songs from his childhood. Nobody's really sure what that was about yet.

He started college at the University of Arizona, then dropped out and started a couple companies. He ended up in Peru programming the international ethnobotany database, then decided to focus on getting society to live more sustainably. So, he finished up school as an environmental engineer at Cornell, and started SixLinks with Jeff shortly thereafter.

He does most of the programming and design on the site, so if it's broken, there's an 85% chance it's his fault, and a 99% chance he'll be the one fixing it. Steven can't draw to save his life, but Jeff lets him churn out cute icons anyway. He's also Tomo's dad.

Jeff Gunther

Jeff spent his whole life in New York, growing up near the city before moving to Ithaca for college. He went to Cornell to study Electrical and Computer Engineering and 2 1/2 months in changed his mind and bounced around various Biology-related fields of study. He became involved with a project building a solar house and decided that this sustainability thing was pretty important.

He eventually graduated from Cornell studying Biology, Environmental Engineering, and Education, with the goal of trying to tie together the three in a career somehow educating people about the importance of sustainability to protect the natural world. Figuring graduate school was the way to go, he took a year off after graduation to work on applications. He then volunteered to help Steve with a little research for this SixLinks thing if he needed some help.

Now Jeff lives in Portland with Steve and Tomo and spends his days reading, writing, and talking to people. He is definitely more of a math person than a writer, so when things sound weird on the website, that is his fault. File a suggestion on particularly weird sounding things and he'll fix it.

Contact Information, LLC
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