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Where we've been

Once upon a time, we all lived on the plains, we got our water from clean streams, our food from whatever we gathered or hunted, lived in whatever structure we could find or build from easily found materials, and bartered for trade. Our history has been spent changing our living environment to change the way in which we acquire our basic needs. We still need the same things, but it's difficult to hunt wild game in New York City, for example, so how we go about getting them has changed. These changes have also brought on the need for access to financial instruments. Rather than providing everything you need for yourself, we now have specialized and rely on others to purchase the excess of what we make so that we can buy the necessities others have made.

We still need the same things, but it's difficult to hunt wild game in New York City
For a while, meeting basic needs involved just dropping off lots of supplies to those who were lacking them. While this still occurs, we have added some more advanced options as well.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
We've always all needed these basics, but the actions of some of the world's population have made it more difficult for the rest of the world to get them. The importance has always been there, but the size and immediacy of the issues has changed. As a result, recent years have brought on a new focus on getting these basic needs to those around the world. For a more in depth look at the focus on the individual issues being discussed on this website, check out the Where We've Been pages of each of the other links in this section.

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