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Many people across the earth don't have reliable food, clean water, safe shelter, or a working income. We must take on these challenges, understanding that broader changes won't happen while people are hungry.

There are billions around the world struggling with basic needs
When thinking of basic needs, everyone thinks of access to food and water, but how often do you think of access to income and a way to store your assets?Credit: Wikimedia Commons
We've needed these things for a long time, how we have gotten them has changed. We've moved from getting all of our resources on our own or in family groups to a global, money-based economy with a number of steps in between. This has worked well for a large number of people, but it has also, sometimes intentionally, left others out. There are billions around the world struggling with basic needs, and besides caring on a humanitarian front, it is important that these needs be addressed for the good of the world.

We've all heard of the basic needs of food, water, and shelter. These are the basics for remaining alive and are the things that we as humans will give up everything else to get. Although it's not often thought of this way, money is another basic need. Access to a sustainable income and a place to store and access it is increasingly critical in the attempts to meet those first three needs. This link addresses the importance of these basic needs and how to get them to more people around the world.
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