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Where we need to be

We have to take on the challenges of food, water, and means of income. There has to be the understanding that broader changes won't happen while people are hungry or thirsty or unable to attain basic financial stability.

There need to be cheap and efficient methods for producing clean water worldwide
We need to get basic needs such as clean water to all of those that are lacking them. This clean water well is a great example of the sort of project we need to undertake.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Gaps between income and life expectancy need to be bridged and the impacts of negative decisions need to be suffered by those who made the decisions. Those who are doing a good job of meeting their basic needs will need to lower their demand for resources that many don't have any access to at all at the moment.

There need to be cheap and efficient methods for producing clean water worldwide. We need to have easy access to a wide variety of diverse crops that are designed to grow in the region they are being planted. Finally, all people will need to have access to financial institutions to have safe places to keep their money, create emergency funds, and borrow money at reasonable rates for major expenses. For more on specific goals, check out the Where We Need To Be pages of other sections in this link.
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