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Your thermostat refers to everything that takes part in keeping your house whatever temperature you decide you want it to be. This is everything from the thickness and insulation in your walls to your windows to your doors to your actual thermostat and how you tell it what temperature you would like the home to be at. This section will talk about what you can do to your home to improve its efficiency and reduce that 50% of your home's energy going towards heating and cooling systems.

Reduce that 50% of your home's energy going towards heating and cooling systems
This section deals with how much you heat or cool your home.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
There is a bit of a constant battle between your home and the outdoors to equalize everything: temperature, humidity, etc. Unless you are lucky enough to live in a climate where you can leave your windows and doors open all day year round, the solution to this is to make your house a box that is partially impermeable to air transfer. You don't want to totally seal off your house because then you won't get fresh air in, but you also don't want so many cracks and leaks that your perfectly heated or cooled air is lost to the outdoors and replaced by air that is entirely the wrong temperature.

This section will show you why it's important to care about your heating and cooling load and what you can do to reduce the amount of energy and money you spend heating and cooling your home.

EIA - 2005 RECS
DOE Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) from 2005
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