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With all of the talk of green technologies and lifestyle changes that will work to lower our impact on the natural world and reduce the effects of climate change, a point that is often overlooked is how much money making these changes can save us. Everything that we consume costs money, even if we don't see how we are paying for it directly, energy and material costs are built into the cost of everything we purchase.

Everything that we consume costs money
Everyone likes to save a bit of money. Fortunately, many of the things we talk about to save energy also save money.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The other sections in the Using Energy link all talk about ways that we can reduce our energy impact on the world, this section will focus on how these behaviors can save you money. Substituting meat with alternative protein sources can save you money on your grocery bill, as can substituting chicken for beef. Using less electricity can lower your monthly electrical bill. Buying less stuff, especially less disposable stuff, can save significant amounts of money. There is definitely a financial advantage to reusing and extending the life of your stuff. And finally, adjusting your thermostat and replacing windows and doors can reduce your heating and cooling bill every year and may also be eligible for tax rebates.

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