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One of the best ways to reduce your energy footprint is to change your eating habits. Making smarter food consumption decisions is likely to be the biggest single thing you can do to reduce the amount of energy you consume on a daily basis. Not only is it something that can have a huge impact, but it is something that is easy to change and that no one besides you can change for yourself. This section will discuss the importance of eating less meat and making better decisions with regards to the meat that you are eating while still receiving adequate nutrition.

One of the best ways to reduce your energy footprint is to change your eating habits
Meat production, especially beef and pork, requires a lot of energy and water. Eating less of this can make a huge impact.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
While there are a huge number of people in the world who live perfectly healthy and happy lives without meat, we recognize that humans are omnivorous creatures, we are built to consume both vegetation and meat products. We are not in the business of telling everyone to give up their meat consumption entirely, but there are some compelling reasons to keep in mind the amount and kind of meat you do eat and to try to reduce those levels, or at least eat meat that has lower impacts.

This section will give you information on the impacts of various types of meat and some stats that may shock you about the impact of meat people currently eat. We hope this will encourage you to take action by making conscious attempts to lower the impact of your diet on the world around you.

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