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Have some way of providing feedback on guide content that makes sense

Status: Not gonna happen
Votes: 00
Page URL: /Guide/77/
Is there any planned way to get feedback to a guide author regarding the guide content. It would seem out of place to use the suggestions page, but maybe that is the way to go. The comments might be usable for this also, but it feels awkward posting a "the following word is misspelled" or stuff like that publicly. Since even once fixed, it leaves a record of the mistake.
SixLinks Developers' response:
We'll have reviews for guides in the new guide format.

Besides that, the best way to provide feedback would be to message the guide author directly (using the inbox, which is also not coded yet)

If those two don't seem sufficient when they're implemented, please re-open a suggestion!


Sam Fladung May 26, 2009
Messages would probably work well for this. Especially if there is a "message the author" button that auto includes the guide being messaged from.

Steven Skoczen May 26, 2009
The one caveat is that we don't want authors' personal inbox flooded with "can you help me do.." messages. We'll have to balance this with the "i need help" feature being prominent - between those two, we should have a good feature set to meet both needs.
Sam Fladung May 26, 2009
I think by titling the button, you can probably make it clearer what is appropriate content to send with it. ie if there is a button that says "Suggest an improvement to the author" or something like that. It could essentially do the same as message the author, but it would give better clarity to the user about the purpose. Also if you have the I need help in the same box as the message author button (however it gets titled) it will make it much more likely that that will be used properly.

Also, do emails get generated when a developers' response is posted? I didn't see one for this.
Steven Skoczen May 26, 2009
They should - will check the log!
Steven Skoczen May 27, 2009
This should be fixed now - if you receive one momentarily, it works :)
Sam Fladung May 27, 2009
Ok, I get the response when you change it's status, but I haven't gotten a message indicating that a "SixLinks Developers' response:" has been posted/edited.
Steven Skoczen May 27, 2009
We'll change this to include the developers' response in status change emails.

Don't want to email on every dev response change, since things like typos aren't worth spamming folks over.
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