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Some way of handling repeating guides

Status: Someday not so soon
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Another cool to have in the future suggestion.

For guides like Eat something weird that repeat monthly, it would be cool for there to be some way to "recomplete" them each month. Maybe have a button uncheck or something, or have a step that can be checked off repeatedly. Maybe automatically prompt or uncheck after 1 month.

Also, "Repeat this process at least once a month" can never really be checked off.
SixLinks Developers' response:
This is a good idea. We've talked about it and are trying to decide how to handle that in the future. We are looking at updating guides every 6 months or so (tweaking, adding, or subtracting) and have talked about including a check up on recurring stuff like that. We aren't sure what sort of form this would take at the moment, though. The auto-unchecking is an interesting idea, if it could be done without being confusing, discouraging, or annoying. If you come up with other ideas about how we could do this, post them as comments and we'll revisit this again in the future when we take up the issue.

For now, repeating things with steps like "repeat every month" or so should have a description telling you when you're done (whether it's having done it once or twice or for two weeks or something of that sort). The step is repeating, but we try to tell people when to consider themselves done as far as completing the guide. The basic idea is to check things off when you think you've made a permanent change and will continue to do it going forward.


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