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New PNNL Geothermal Heat Extraction Process Optimizes Low-Temperature Resources
Thursday, July 16 2009
A new method has been found by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientists to capture geothermal energy from lower temperature energy sources. In related geothermal news, a new study by NYU Stern Professor Melissa Schilling found that geothermal is producing the greatest efficiency returns per R&D dollar invested, with wind in second. Solar energy is quite a ways behind, and fossil fuel efficiencies are stagnant, if not dropping, despite getting a huge amount of the R&D budget.
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More Than $467M in Recovery Act Funding for Geothermal and Solar Energy Projects
Wednesday, May 27 2009
The US has pledged almost a half a billion dollars to developing and deploying geothermal and solar energy technologies.
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Going bananas for energy in Africa
Tuesday, May 12 2009
Banana peels are being mixed with sawdust to make briquettes that can be burned for heat and cooking in some regions of Africa where bananas are a staple crop.
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