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What it is

Everyone needs to eat and there are two main ways to get food to a group of people. The first is for the people to have enough money to pay someone else to grow it and to ship it across the world to them. The second is to have food grown locally that people can have cheap access to. A lot of people in the world can't do either of these things right now.

People must have access to appropriate plants
Everyone must have some way to access enough nutritious food to keep them alive and healthy.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
This means that we either need to get people access to reliable income sources that they can use to purchase food (see the Microfinance section) or a means of growing food near where people are. The ability to have access to local food means having access to good soil, non-toxic water, and appropriate plants. Good soil means any soil that is capable of growing plants that will be planted. While there are plants for many different soil types, there are very few plants that grow in polluted soil or soil that has been devoid of nutrients or that undergoes rapid erosion.

Similarly, there must be access to non-toxic water. This doesn't necessarily have to be drinking water quality, but it does need to be clean enough that plants can grow and will not pass any toxins on to those who eat the plants. Finally, people must have access to appropriate plants. What this means is access to plants that are nutritious, will grow in the local climate (with the local soil), and that are not susceptible to widespread shortages from disease. This last point means that there needs to be diverse plants that can not all be wiped out by a single pathogen.
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