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How we get there

This link is arguably the easiest link to figure out how we get there. In short, everyone needs to do their part to reduce their energy consumption. Unlike many of the other links, the problems outlined in this one won't be solved by large companies or new technologies, just by individuals changing their lives. It is also the one of the sections where we are relying on each and every one of you, because without your help, the impact of each and every other person and the impact of big corporations and new technologies is limited. Every link relies on every other link, and this one in particular relies on you.

You and only you can make the changes that need to happen
We need to reduce the amount of energy put into everything we consume, from electronics to food.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
You may notice in the My Part section, Using Energy is the link with the most things you can work on. That's because it's the one that you and only you can do something about. Some of these links are a bit tough for individuals to take a lot of action in, but for this one, the steps are really easy. Work to reduce the impact of the food you eat by Eating Less (and Smarter) Meat or, even better, becoming vegetarian.

You can reduce the amount of energy your home consumes by installing better insulation, better windows and doors, and by turning up or down the thermostat depending on the season and whether or not there are people in the house. You can reduce your electricity consumption by turning things off, by having more efficient appliances, and by cutting out hidden loads that pull energy when things are turned off. You can reduce the energy inputs in your materials by reusing and repairing materials, using reused and recycled products, and recycling your products when you are done with them. And finally, you can Save Money in the process by doing any of these things.

These are all things that you and only you can do for yourself. These don't require any fancy new technologies and aren't going to get done if you don't do them for yourself. This is one of those sections where you and only you can make the changes that need to happen.

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