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You currently use energy in ways that you are probably not aware of. There are five primary ways we use energy, the first is Transportation, which has its own link, the other four are covered in this section. You can use the application below to figure out, roughly, what you use and then check out the Where We Need To Be page to see what your impact can be after you Do Your Part.

The average household is using more electricity than it ever has
We have been using an increasingly large amount of energy to accomplish all of the things outlined in this section, and need to find some way to reduce it. The average household is using more electricity than it ever has to power the things plugged into its outlets. This energy is partly because of the fact that we keep buying larger and more powerful things, as well as more of them, but is also going up because our devices are using energy when we think we've turned them off. We are also consuming a lot of energy producing more and more complex and disposable products. We keep harvesting resources and spending energy to turn them into products that we then throw away far too quickly.

In addition, we spend way too much energy heating and cooling our homes because they were built with inefficient materials and haven't been properly maintained. We are also asking too much from our heating and cooling systems and causing them to expend way more energy than they need to. And finally, we are consuming a lot of energy in terms of meat consumption. We are eating a lot of high energy foods, including highly processed foods and beef and pork, more than we had been just a generation ago. All of these things together are causing our combined energy usage to skyrocket.

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