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Where we need to be

We need to be consuming less energy in all areas of our life, and that energy that we do consume needs to come from clean sources. We need to get everyone's energy consumption down to sustainable levels so that we can level off our total carbon emissions.

Lowering our energy demand will help us phase out polluting fossil fuel plants
This will mean consuming less electricity so that we are able to supply all of our energy needs with clean energy faster. Lowering our energy demand will help us phase out polluting fossil fuel plants. This will involve having more energy efficient appliances, being more diligent in not wasting energy, and cutting out parasitic loads that are consuming energy when we think things are turned off. On a related note, our future will have to include more energy efficient houses that aren't pumping conditioned air out into the environment. This will take effort on everyone's part to improve the efficiency of their individual homes.

We will also need to do all we can as individuals to reduce the energy demands of farming, logging, mining, and other industry. We will be able to do this by eating less high energy meats like beef and pork, which take in a lot of energy to produce a little bit of meat and also contribute to water shortages and soil erosion and directly emit greenhouse gases. We will also need to be at a point where we are buying better products that have longer lifespans, can be recycled, and are made of recycled materials to reduce the amount of energy and natural resources that go into producing our stuff.

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