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This is your part. Living sustainably comes down to to indivdual people. People like you. Regardless of what happens anywhere else in the world, nobody else can change your lightbulbs, how you drive, or what you eat.

My Part is here to help. It's a list of the most important things you can do, without the fluff. The list's based on solid research, and each item has a real impact on the world around you. Each action also has a guide to help you with steps, and track your progress!

This is a long-term process, and for most people, it'll take at least a few years to finish everything. But there's always somewhere to start now. Click a link to get started!
Last update: June 15, 2009. Next update: Jan 1, 2010.What's this?
We update the list every six months, to keep it current with advances in technologies, products, and laws.

Usually this simply means that the guide steps are updated to be more accurate. Rarely, a guide may be added or removed. However, your current progress on actions you've started will always remain unaffected!
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