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Wind energy needs to become a major component of global energy production. It has undergone significant growth in recent years, but is still only a tiny percentage of total energy production. As the most cost competitive clean energy technology, with a huge potential capacity, wind needs to be the future of new energy installations. It is likely to only get better in terms of cost if emitting carbon has a price associated with it (see the Cap Carbon section for more on this). The best implementation for this is going to be large scale wind farms in key areas with strong, reliable wind, preferably close to areas of high energy demand. This can be on-shore or off-shore, just as long as they are large scale and in proper locations.

Wind needs to be the future of new energy installations
Projection of sources of total energy (not just electricity) in the US by 2030.Credit: United States Energy Information Administration
As you can see from the graph, the predictions for global wind energy, and other renewable energy (dark green) for that matter, are not very high. This is not an acceptable amount of clean energy and needs to change by installing more capacity, Using Less Energy, and getting Transportation off of fossil fuels and using clean energy from the electrical grid.

All of these wind farms will hopefully connect to a smart energy grid that is able to transfer demands based on realtime supply of wind at different farm locations. The system should also incorporate large scale energy storage technologies that will be able to store energy from wind turbines during periods of too much production. Check out the Storage and Smart Grid sections to learn more about these technologies.
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