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Better way of handling suggestions that are not for a particular page

Status: Done!
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Page URL: /Suggestions/All
Sometimes a suggestion isn't for a particular page. Maybe it's for the site theme in general, or a suggestion for a new section, or it's about the content of site generated emails. I had been giving these a descriptive title in place of the url, but it looks like the processing eats the first character to get rid of the "/". If this isn't there, it hungrily absorbs whatever character might be there, causing Future to become uture etc.

Only removing the character if it is a '/' would fix this, or maybe a way to indicate, "this doesn't apply to a url".
SixLinks Developers' response:
The URL has been moved down, with an auto-clear option.

Additionally, the parsing code has become less hungry, not chomping the first character unless it's a "/".


Tomo Says:Just who's behind SixLinks anyway? These guys. And me. And biscuits.