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Is the 10% savings of electricity --> $10 correct?

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Is the statement "Reducing your electricity by 10% by eliminating these hidden loads could save about $10 a month." actually correct. This seems very high and implies an electric bill of over $100 for usage.

For reference, my monthly average is under $8 a month for usage (not including basic charges which occur even if I don't use any electricity about $23 with this charge).

I could see a bill creeping that high with electric heat, but that increase wouldn't be reduced by these techniques.

SixLinks Developers' response:
This is based on average numbers for the US, which are 936 kWh per month (from 2007, but part of an upward trend) and $0.1103/kWh (as of January 2009, for residential customers). We rounded it to $100/month as a nice average. This averages in people who have electric heating with those who don't, which changes the numbers a bit. It also mixes together lots of different household sizes and so it is not applicable to everyone, but it is a good general number and is the number used by the EIA when talking about average household electric bills.


Sam Fladung May 28, 2009
Ok, I wouldn't have guessed that the average household was using an order of magnitude more. I guess it shows how much paying attention to what you are doing helps.
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