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Change the eat less meat guide under using energy to a "reduce corn fed beef" or simlar title

Status: Reviewed
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This suggestion is to help split the "eat less meat" guide so that the proper parts are focused on in each section

The majority of the eat less meat argument that applies to the energy section is the energy used in growing feed for corn fed beef (unless I'm mistaken). Transitioning the guide in this section to focus on eliminating that problem would help make it distinct from the similar titles in the other sections and keep it more directly applicable to the using energy section.

Whereas the water and land usage of all types of meat production (including grass fed) would fit better in the basic needs section (and possibly nature section)
SixLinks Developers' response:
We've decided to try to keep it together because we see this as sending a simpler, more coherent message. From an energy, space, and water standpoint, we want people eating less beef (yes, grass fed is better than corn, but even corn is 5 times worse than chicken from an energy standpoint), eating less meat in general, but if they are eating meat, eating mostly chicken.

We will soon have some interactive stuff up on the website to show the impacts of different types of diets, to get into more detail. But for land, water, and energy, in general, less meat is better and chicken is better than beef or pork, and that is the overall message we are trying to send.


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