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Hide the gotchas tag if the field is empty for guides

Status: Done!
Votes: 00
Page URL: /Guide/77/
If possible it would be nice if the "gotchas" only displayed if there was text in the field.
SixLinks Developers' response:
The "gotchas" field is now gone, and its contents appended to the step details.

So, for any remaining gotchas, they'll have to be cleared out manually.

Apologies that this isn't ideal, but it was the only time-manageable way to keep the existing gotcha data.


Steven Skoczen May 25, 2009
Guides haven't been re-coded yet, so there are lots of issues - don't worry about any problems you see on them for now!
Steven Skoczen May 27, 2009
So here's the gig on this one - gotchas have been removed from the Guide model (along with moneysavers, costs, items, and a whole lot more confusing/constraining things).

But, we didn't want to lose the data for guides from Alpha.

So, what's happened is that any gotchas have been tagged on to the step details, prepended with Gotchas:. This is hardly ideal, but it's better than nothing, and there wasn't a generic way to meet everyone's wishes.

So, for your guides (or anyone who made a guide in alpha), you can hop into edit, and tweak it how you'd like!

Steven Skoczen May 27, 2009
Nice, Steven. Way to use that close bold tag.

Good thing you're not in charge of the site coding or anything.
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