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Add a "My Suggestions" filter button

Status: Done!
Votes: 10
Page URL: /Suggestions/All
It might be useful to be able to filter down to the suggestions that you made with a "My Suggestions" button (like the All Suggestions or Suggestions for the same page buttons) [Incidentally the capitalization between those should probably be consistent].

That way it would be easy to look back at suggestions you made in the past.

SixLinks Developers' response:
This, along with other filtering (in progress, planned, new, closed) are now in!


Steven Skoczen May 24, 2009
+1 from me, like this a lot.
Sam Fladung May 28, 2009
Can you also do ordering filters? If yes, it would be nice to have an order by recent activity which would organize the most recently commented on/ status changed/ developers' responsed ones on top.
Steven Skoczen May 29, 2009
Yep, whole lot o' filters are in the works.

(After, you know, the rest of the core site features)
Tomo Says:Did you know that you can search all of by using the icon up in the top bar? Try it out!