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Have a way of showing which suggestions/ bugs have changed since the last time you opened them

Status: Done!
Votes: 01
Page URL: /Suggestions
It would be useful to be able to see which suggestions have changed since you last opened them (ie suggestions that you haven't opened, or that have had a status change or comment added since you last opened)
SixLinks Developers' response:
This would be fairly expensive (in terms of server load), and isn't trivial to implement. Note that the updates to suggestions you're following will show in the My World/Following page. (That page doesn't work yet - but it will soon!)

Let us know with your votes and comments if this feature's something you want!

Update: We've now added filtering that seems to address this issue to people's satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, leave a comment, or open a new suggestion.


Sam Fladung May 24, 2009
Could there be a way of auto following new suggestions? Or maybe following the suggestion page would update when any suggestion was added/ modified?
Steven Skoczen May 24, 2009
Code that'll hit this afternoon will auto-follow any suggestions you make, we haven't really thought about having a follow for *all* suggestions, as it's likely to be a ridiculously high volume once the site scales out to a few thousand people and up.

I tend to think that very few, if any people would want to follow *every* suggestion posted. Would you disagree with that idea?
Sam Fladung May 24, 2009
I think it would be useful during beta testing, probably less so after that.
Sam Fladung June 4, 2009
This might be easier to do if you store the last date the suggestion page was visited. And then filter for changed since that date.
Steven Skoczen June 4, 2009
The trick is that we need to store the last date it was visited by a very large number of people. If this is going in, it's likely as a much larger architectural piece that allows us to show people what's changed in most areas of the site.

The big challenge with this one is that our server resources are limited, especially when the site is small, and I'd rather focus them on speed throughout the site.

As far as improving the viewing of suggestions, filtering for yours, recently changed, and type are on the list to do!
Steven Skoczen June 11, 2009
Suggestions had filtering added about a week back. Does that address the need raised by this suggestion?
Sam Fladung June 12, 2009
Mostly. The last 24 hours filter works well, if it is checked regularly.
Steven Skoczen June 26, 2009
Setting this to done!
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