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Minor nitpicking

Status: Not gonna happen
Votes: 11
Page URL: /Suggestions/
This failed as a bug. Let's try it as a suggestion...

Perhaps the button "Add a new suggestion or bug" should add the word report after bug. I assume you don't want people adding bugs :)

SixLinks Developers' response:
Can see it, but don't want the button to longer than it already is. Leaving as-is for now - if we hear that people are confused, it'll change!

Also, there is a bug open for the two-line overflow.


Sam Fladung May 20, 2009
The button already runs onto the second line, so it shouldn't change the button geometry (at least in my view)
Steven Skoczen May 20, 2009
Now *that*'s a bug. It should only be one line.

Filing it.
Steven Skoczen May 20, 2009
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