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Add some sort of description to the my part page explaining what it does

Status: Done!
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This page needs some sort of intro/explanation about what it does.

Also some sort of explanation about how the points are decided would be nice. Some of them seem unintuitive (either in magnitude or location).

SixLinks Developers' response:
Update: Your part's been updated!

Yep, an update/minor redesign is in the works for Your Part.

As for points, the magnitudes are roughly based on the impact of the action, and meant to provide a relative gauge of an action's effectiveness. In its broadest strokes, points are there to make clear that eating less meat is much more important and impactful than changing out your light bulbs (grounded in energy use, water use, etc)

As far as location, are there particular things that people find unintuitive?


Sam Fladung May 24, 2009
One example would be the real time power monitor is in making energy rather than using energy. Looking closer I see that it is in both, not sure how this directly relates to making energy though. The double category thing is also a little odd since most things could push into several categories (almost everything could filter into climate change for example)

Also, does this section work currently? I assume the bar is supposed to fill as you complete fixes.

A partial list of what would be useful in an introduction is included below:

Will this section only use only developer written guides or will it incorporate user guides?

Will it the number of sections grow over time (making each seem smaller in the bar)?

Steven Skoczen May 24, 2009
I'll let Jeff vouch for this, but I believe real-time energy meters are in making energy because they're a component of the smart grid (which, while connecting production and usage, isn't actually end-user usage, so belongs in making energy).

We've tried to not have double categories for most things, but there are a few where we thought it was obvious that certain actions belonged in both.

The Do Your Part section only partially works. The page works, but not all the guides are yet written, so not all of the links out take you somewhere. That'll be done by launch. The bar will indeed fill as you complete fixes, and it does work - there's just no way for people to complete fixes on the public site yet.

Good list of questions - things like that are important in getting the ideas out of Jeff and my heads, and onto the site. Quick responses:

- It'll only contain developer written, "core" guides. However, if certain new guides are written that cover something we've missed, and are of a high quality, they can be submitted for inclusion into the core. This is case-by-case, and won't happen very often.

- The number of guides may grow over time, slightly. Our current plan is to re-evaluate the tasks every Six months. Additionally, users would have to re-confirm that they're still doing things once a year or so.

So that's the quick overview - let us know if you have more questions or ideas!

Jeff Gunther May 24, 2009
Actually, I thought I fixed this earlier, but it is fixed now. Unless we decide to fix it back the other way. There are two similar, but not necessarily the same guides in Making Energy and Using Energy.

Making Energy has a "have a smart meter" one, this is a tie-in with smart grids, allowing the utilities to have access to your usage data. The other side of that is the Using Energy "have a real-time energy meter you can see" guide, to reduce consumption.

Many, but I wouldn't be willing to say all, smart meters will give you a real-time energy readout. So, if you have a smart meter, it may allow you to check off both guides, however the "real-time energy meter you can see" should just be in Using Energy and is now. At least that's how I currently see it.
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