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Emails for suggestions could be more informative

Status: Done!
Votes: 10
The emails when suggestions are updated could use some improvement.

Including comment text would be useful.

Also, does the initial report trigger an email?
SixLinks Developers' response:
Emails now include the dev response for status changes, and have the funky encoding issue fixed.

In beta, will go live this afternoon!

Update: Live now. Not this afternoon, but if you saw the ridiculous swaths of code-change that happened, you'd understand the delay.


Sam Fladung May 23, 2009
Also, including the suggestion number/ title would help with threading (at least in gmail). Right now all the updates get shoved into the same thread.
Steven Skoczen May 23, 2009
Good ideas.

Notifications that happen:
- The initial report sends an email to Jeff and I.
- Subsequent updates send emails to the author, and anyone following
- Comments send emails to the author, and anyone following (this will eventually become just people who are following, and the author follows by default)

Changes to do (for my reference):
- Improve the subject
- Figure out why you got two identical emails for the same status state
- Implement auto-follow, and opt-out of comments for authors
Jeff Gunther May 23, 2009
Also, I get two copies of an email telling me that the status of the suggestion has changed and is now New.
Sam Fladung May 24, 2009
Looks better, but now there is a formatting error with certain characters, especially '

See message below:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Steven Skoczen has posted a new comment on the suggestion "Add some sort of description to the my part page explaining what it does":

I'll let Jeff vouch for this, but I believe real-time energy meters are in making energy because they're a component of the smart grid (which, while connecting production and usage, isn't actually end-user usage, so belongs in making energy).

We've tried to not have double categories for most things, but there are a few where we thought it was obvious that certain actions belonged in both.

The Do Your Part section only partially works. The page works, but not all the guides are yet written, so not all of the links out take you somewhere. That'll be done by launch. The bar will indeed fill as you complete fixes, and it does work - there's just no way for people to complete fixes on the public site yet.

Good list of questions - things like that are important in getting the ideas out of Jeff and my heads, and onto the site. Quick responses:

- It'll only contain developer written, "core" guides. However, if certain new guides are written that cover something we've missed, and are of a high quality, they can be submitted for inclusion into the core. This is case-by-case, and won't happen very often.

- The number of guides may grow over time, slightly. Our current plan is to re-evaluate the tasks every Six months. Additionally, users would have to re-confirm that they're still doing things once a year or so.

So that's the quick overview - let us know if you have more questions or ideas!
Sam Fladung May 24, 2009
Ok, they parsed out when I pasted them. I'll attach a screenshot.
Steven Skoczen May 24, 2009
Yep, saw that here too. will get it fixed!
Steven Skoczen May 27, 2009
Worked on this, but it looks like it's still happening. This appears to be a bug, or an odd-behavior in django's rendering engine - will have to dig in with more detail.
Steven Skoczen May 28, 2009
Should be fixed - let me know if this email still looks weird!
Sam Fladung May 28, 2009
Still get a couple raw html tags.

The SixLinks Developers' response:
Nope. It'll be disappearing when the new guides code goes in.

- Should now be gone.

That will probably get parse out, trying to escape:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -\
The SixLinks Developers' response:
Nope. It'll be disappearing when the new guides code goes in.
<br />
<br />- Should now be gone.
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