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SixLinks Broken in Chrome

Status: In progress
Votes: 00
SixLinks looks completely wonky when viewed with Google Chrome. I have seen the same thing both at work on a 1280x800 resolution in Windows XP and at home with a 1920x1200 resolution in Windows Vista.
SixLinks Developers' response:
Have now replicated this on a windows machine, and it's a chrome bug. We're trying to get a workaround, but it's tough, as we're not sure what's causing it.

The CSS file for the page is being loaded by chrome, but it's then completely ignored. Will keep you posted, and apologies for the inconvienence!


Steven Skoczen June 23, 2009
Try refreshing - what you're seeing here is SixLinks without the CSS file loaded. We've tested fairly extensively in Chrome, so it should work!
Nicholas Creely June 23, 2009
I tried refreshing several times. Still not working.
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