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Add a "which is better" section to discussions

Status: Done!
Votes: 20
Page URL: /Discussions/
I think a big use of discussions could be the which is a better choice. This would include questions like "propane vs charcoal in a grill?", "which of these products is better to buy?", "drive versus fly for a vacation?"

Many of these would have answers depending on situations etc, so discussion would be useful.

Any chance of getting this section added to the discussions page?
SixLinks Developers' response:
This has now been implemented as the Sunday Sustainability Showdowns. Please post your ideas over in the discussion!


Sam Fladung June 11, 2009
I think that having them as one big topic would get unwieldy pretty quickly. If you take a look at some of the original discussions from the beginning of the site you can see that multiple topics in one thread can quickly become confusing (Example: Maybe a second hierarchy level for discussions might be doable.
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