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Have a way to start a discussion about a guide

Status: Done!
Votes: 00
Page URL: /Guide/98/
A cool future feature would be to be able to start a discussion related to a particular guide etc. This way if there is an issue that comes up which warrants discussion, it can be moved from the comments section and kept organized.

An example where this would be useful is to discuss specifics about a given guide, ie AC vs windows while driving or grassfed beef vs chicken etc.
SixLinks Developers' response:
So we just yesterday had a talk about what sort of discussion sections we will be having, and discussions about existing guides is definitely a section. We even talked about having a button from the guide page that brings you to that discussion page and pre-fills some information for you. So we thought of this right around the time you did, and it will be coming soon.

Update: We now have a discussion section for Guides and Actions, and people can start discussions as wanted. Button's not happening now, as it could increase confusion as to where to talk, and limit the options (say you wanted two threads about how particular issues in driving better). As of now, the way to have a more in-depth discussion is to start the discussion, and post a comment linking people to it.


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