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Nicholas Creely

Tour de SixLinks Blog Post

Nicholas Creely wrote this June 23, 2009 about Tour de SixLinks.
So as part of the Tour de Six Links, I must write a blog post. I don't really have anything super interesting in mind right now, so I am just going to write a few things I like about SixLinks that I feel are a big improvement over the Alpha version:

1) I feel the site looks a lot cleaner and is easier to navigate.

2) I think the purpose of a lot of the things on the site are clearer. This particularly is true for "Actions", which I feel are much more understandable than "Fixes" were in Alpha. It seemed to me like nobody quite understood what a "Fix" was supposed to be back in Alpha but I think this problem has been corrected nicely now.

3) Cool new features. I really like the way the Actions themselves work. The whole checklist feature you have implemented in it to check off as you go is really cool. The whole points system and My Part bars in your profile are pretty cool too. I also like that you incorporated the Tour de SixLinks into the actual site because it is a great introduction to the site.

4) The site is more unique now than what it was during Alpha. During Alpha, I was afraid that SixLinks was going to become an Environmental FaceBook, but this is not the case anymore. The site definitely has found its own little niche.

That's about all I have for now. As an added bonus, I have attached a fun picture I had lying around of some of my hyjinx during Alpha testing.
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