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Marcus Sowder


Marcus Sowder wrote this July 7, 2009.
I really like the idea behind this website. Not only does it allow me to realize how much I'm doing to help the planet but it's given me lots of new ideas. I mean, I knew I was doing my part but I had no idea that I was doing so much. It makes me feel like I should do more, if not for myself for those around me, ie: friends/family. Eventually I hope to build my own self sustainable home that has a zero carbon imprint. Anyways, I'll try to keep this updated with my eco-progress.
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Steven Skoczen July 7, 2009
Hey, great to have you here!

You're certainly kicking ass on the points, and doing some great stuff. Good to hear your feedback on the My Part section - we're hoping it encourages, motivates, and provides a perspective on the things each of us needs to get done.

Bringing in your friends and family's a great way to increase your impact and do more - would love to hear how that goes, and what tools we can provide to make that job easier!
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