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Study Concludes Colorado River Reservoirs Could Bottom Out from Warming, Water Management Business-as-Usual

Everything you need to know:

A study out of University of Colorado, Boulder, indicates that there could be about a 50% chance of depleting the Colorado River reservoirs in any given year by the 2050s. These reservoirs have the potential to hold 4 times the annual flow of the river, providing a major backup in case of drought or increasing demand that rises above what the river can provide.

However, as a result of climate change and increasing demand, if water management practices are not changed, every year could see a 50-50 chance of depleting these reservoirs and being forced to rely on the river flow alone. This would be dangerous because the natural flow of the river is variable and also may soon be inadequate to meet water demand.

Monday, July 20 2009
Colorado, United States
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