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Jeff Gunther
May 5, 2010
Pre- vs. Post-consumer recycling
CNN had a great Q and A today about the difference and value of pre- vs. post- consume recycling. I highly recommend reading their article if you are unclear about the difference. The short version is, though, that post-consumer content is supposed to come from yours and my recycling bins ...
June 8, 2009
World Oceans Day
Thanks to Katie for pointing this out, but today is the first UN-sanctioned World Oceans Day. Today is a day to recognize the damage we are doing to our oceans as a result of over fishing and climate change. Check out this link for some more information on World Oceans ...
May 23, 2009
Content Writing Done!
The writing of the content is now done (for now). The content is now as it will be as far as those word things go. They will of course be edited for proper English and will have some more tweaking. But at this point, if there is anything that you ...
May 21, 2009
Reacquanting myself with the site
I'm about to exit content-land (2 more days-ish for everything being mostly written) and so I've been trying to play around with the site and see what's been going on outside of the world of TextMate. It's really pretty awesome. It's amazing how cluttered and ...
May 15, 2009
Our Cap and Trade Future
The AP reported today that the Democrats in Congress are releasing details of their American Clean Energy and Security Act, also known as the Carbon Cap and Trade Bill. This bill, in theory, aims to put a price on Carbon Dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change, which will cost ...
Feb. 8, 2009
It's done. We'll see how much I like it. I'll write another blog about it in a week or so. I do wish I knew how much energy my little timer thingy was using, but I don't have a watt meter to check it out with.
Jan. 29, 2009
Got the part
So, after shopping around a bit and realizing I'd be ripped off if I bought the parts for this fix as originally intended, I decided to go with a 24 hour timer with on and off pins.

Upsides are that I don't need to figure out how to ...
Jan. 24, 2009
One Week in
About one week in and sadly I haven't actually accomplished much, although I have learned a lot more about what my options are. While I was originally in love with Sam's guide, it occurred to me that at time I don't know when exactly I will want ...
Jan. 13, 2009
My attempts to find more information
So I've tried finding some reliable information on the sources of different meats and the impact of eating different species of fish. As far as meat, I was looking to see what some of my favorite Italian meats were made of, to see if I could feel a little ...
Jan. 6, 2009
Did It
Finally got this done. Sometimes I just need that little extra push. One problem I noticed in the store today was that despite the fact that I knew I didn't have 100W bulbs in there now, I was tempted to go with the 100W equivalents because they are only ...
Jan. 1, 2009
Day 1
So I'm stealing Steve's job of the usual wrap-up report. I'm very happy going to bed thinking about how much activity SixLinks has seen today compared to the past 6 months. While we've had our share of busy days as far as writing code, implementing features ...
Dec. 29, 2008
News Uploaded
Just uploaded the last few news stories from the old wiki. We have around 50 stories right now and I feel comfortable from this point forward just using new stories as they come through. Lots of time on Delicious. Not every section has stories, but most have at least a ...
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