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My fix: Put CFLs in my light so I can use it

About this fix

When I moved in to my new place in September, I saw that there were regular incandescent bulbs in one of my lights, so I never really used it because I felt guilty. I keep telling myself I will replace it so that I can use the light again without feeling terrible. I'm finally going to do that.


Change your Lightbulbs
Author: Jeff Gunther User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 3

You'd be surprised how much energy lighting takes in a typical home; it represents about 7% of the energy costs. Your 75 or 100 watt lightbulbs can inexpensively be replaced by low energy compact fluorescent bulbs that save energy and last longer. Replacing one 75 watt incandescent bulb with a comparable CFL can save an estimated $22 a year.

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Did It
Finally got this done. Sometimes I just need that little extra push. One problem I noticed in the store today was that despite the fact that I knew I didn't have 100W bulbs in there now, I was tempted to go with the 100W equivalents because they are only ...Read more...


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