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New York Creates Statewide Recycling Program for Plastic Bags
Saturday, December 13 2008
City Nation
A new law in New York State requires all large grocers and retailers that offer plastic bags to their customers to provide collection bins for a wide variety of plastic bags and wraps.
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Going Green: Weatherproof Your Home
Monday, December 01 2008
Home and Lifestyle
Article discussing weatherproofing and overall sealing your home as one of the best things you can do to help save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. It points out that this does not rely on new technologies and that it can be relatively inexpensive through energy savings and federal tax incentives.
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IBM Burlington, Vermont, Receives 2007 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award
Thursday, October 30 2008
Reducing waste generation and improving process efficiencies in its semiconductor manufacturing operations has been a continual focus at IBM Burlington. Each year, many thousands of silicon wafers reach the end of their useful life or are rejected for a number of reasons before being shipped to a customer. Historically, the scrap silicon from wafer manufacturing operations was ground and sent to a landfill for disposal. IBM monitor wafers at the end of their life are now being sold to the manufacturers of solar panels as raw material for the production of photovoltaic cells.
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'Smart' appliances could ease electrical-grid woes
Wednesday, October 29 2008
Article on the potential impact of smart appliances on reducing the peak load of the energy grid.
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The revival of passive design
Thursday, August 28 2008
Home and Lifestyle
Blog about the revival of passive design techniques that have been popular in every pre-industrial society.
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Staking the Vampire: The Future of Recharging
Monday, August 11 2008
Home and Lifestyle
Devices that are plugged in but not in use consume between 200 and 400 terawatt hours (TWh) per year, according to the International Energy Agency. Other research pegs the not-in-use drain from 5 to 25 percent of all residential energy used in the U.S., with numbers rising. A large portion of this is due to AC to DC transformers that let off a large amount of waste heat.
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Finding and Fixing a Home’s Power Hogs
Sunday, July 27 2008
Home and Lifestyle
WHILE we all worry about where we’re going to get more energy in an increasingly energy-obsessed world, there’s also another alternative: Use less power. According to some, the degree of waste is so big that it makes investing in energy management look far more viable for fighting global warming than any alternative energy source.
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Creative Ways to Reuse "Disposable" Items
Sunday, May 04 2008
Home and Lifestyle
Creative uses for supposedly disposable household products.
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