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Plastic Bag Revolt Halves Nationwide Use to 450m
Friday, July 17 2009
The UK has cut in half it's plastic bag usage in three years, meeting a voluntary goal provided by the government.
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New York Creates Statewide Recycling Program for Plastic Bags
Saturday, December 13 2008
City Nation
A new law in New York State requires all large grocers and retailers that offer plastic bags to their customers to provide collection bins for a wide variety of plastic bags and wraps.
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IBM Burlington, Vermont, Receives 2007 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award
Thursday, October 30 2008
Reducing waste generation and improving process efficiencies in its semiconductor manufacturing operations has been a continual focus at IBM Burlington. Each year, many thousands of silicon wafers reach the end of their useful life or are rejected for a number of reasons before being shipped to a customer. Historically, the scrap silicon from wafer manufacturing operations was ground and sent to a landfill for disposal. IBM monitor wafers at the end of their life are now being sold to the manufacturers of solar panels as raw material for the production of photovoltaic cells.
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