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Where we need to be

In the future, people will need to be recycling significantly more than they are throwing away, picking materials that have low energy and water inputs and little toxic material, and will need to consider using recycled materials before going to the store to buy something new.

We need to use less and better stuff
We must learn to sustainably consume natural resources, water, and electricity. This website is all about sustainability, but here may be a good place to define just what that means. It means doing things in a way that we will be able to continue doing them for long periods of time. Look at the things you use everyday and ask yourself if you think we will be able to keep making them that way for the next 200 years.

We need to have fewer things end up in the landfill by recycling and composting more and by consuming fewer things.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
We need to use less and better stuff. Everyone has their Grandmother's (insert item here) that has been in use for half a century. More items need to be like this. Even if you don't want something for a long time, long lifespans allow you to pass it on to someone new. The hesitance to buy used needs to disappear. There are many things that are in perfectly good shape after the original buyer is done using it. Craigslist has helped advance this idea, but more work still needs to be done.

There needs to be less unnecessary materials usage, with packaging being a great example. There is no reason for large amounts of materials to go straight from the store to the landfill. In addition, we need more stuff that is made out of other stuff. This is all a part of something called cradle to cradle design that needs to be taken into account. Learn more on the How We Get There section.

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