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My fix: Fixing a Benchtop DC power supply

About this fix

At work my boss had a broken benchtop DC power supply. He offered it to me to have if I fixed it on my own time (It wasn't worth me diagnosing it and fixing it on the job). If you know me, you know I jumped at the opportunity. So after a little bit of poking I was able to trace the problem down to a blown 7808 (8 volt linear regulator). With a quick solder job I was able to replace it for virtually no cost. This saves the power supply from getting thrown out, and gives me a supply without having to incur the costs (monetary and environmental) of producing a new one.


Fix Something Broken
Author: Sam Fladung User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 3

When something is getting worn out, or breaks try to fix it before deciding to throw it out and buy a new one. This helps conserve resources and energy since it means you don't need a new one and also can save you money.

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