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What'd you think about the Tour de SixLinks?

Steven Skoczen Jan. 27, 2009
Things you liked? Things you didn't like?

What could we do better?

What's a task we didn't ask that would be a good one?

Thanks everyone for putting your time and effort into this. Hopefully, you got to know SixLinks a bit better, and Jeff and I learned a lot!
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Andrew Shoffstall Jan. 27, 2009
I liked that the Tour forced me to learn about features I may or may not have found. I did not like that sometimes I did not have time to put as much effort into the tasks as I would have liked (but that is not a flaw of the Tour). Perhaps in a future Tour one of your tasks should be to re-visit a previous endeavor.

Something that I think should be a huge discussion when the site goes public is how to keep users interested and continuing to provide content. Even for myself, I do not have the full answer right now. When faced with the many activities and chores I have in the day, how do I convince myself that signing onto SixLinks is my best option?

I will be brainstorming as I procrastinate at work :)
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Kaitlyn Van Arsdell Jan. 27, 2009
When I had time to sign in, I often ended up spending so much time on something irrelevant to the task that I didn't really have the time to devote to the task itself. This isn't a flaw of the tour or the site, but does show that different people will be interested in different aspects.

Also, when it was time to edit content (and I dropped like a fly because I was on the road), I felt like I would have had much more to offer by editing for style and readability than by editing for content. While I don't know much about any one of the links, I do know a lot about making articles readable and engaging (like I tried to do for the Smart Grid page). I wish that I had done more of that.

More than anything, I loved starting an exchange of ideas with Anneliese about her work in Nicaragua. That sort of thing is what will draw me back to the site. I can't wait for the "words that describe me" links to start working, so that if I were working on or interested in, say, solar_energy, I could just click on that word and find out about others with a shared interest and knowledge.
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Jeff Gunther Jan. 27, 2009
I'm glad to hear that you ended up working on non-tour stuff when you logged on to do the tour. Part of the idea of the tour is to just get people to get on and then hope that they lose themselves in the site for a while.

As far as content, it won't be a part of the normal tour most likely, although you all are still welcome (and encouraged) to add resources you find and edit things for readability. The content will always be changing, and so I will always be there writing things in terrible scary blocks of words that need to be reworked.

You and Anneliese talking about your experiences is one of the things that makes me feel like we have a good idea here. The fact that you two managed to connect and are helping each other out is awesome. Its one of those threads that I go back and read when I wonder if we are really doing a good thing. You guys are awesome.
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